ANC-AP3 BT Earphone

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  • Product Code: SWT-006 ANC-AP3
  • Availability: 1000

This product has a minimum quantity of 100

Model: ANC-AP3

 Product type:Bluetooth headset

 Channel system wireless stereo

 Control method: Pressure sensitivity

 Active passive active

 Bluetooth solution:  8973A

 Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0

 Support Bluetooth protocol: HFP1.7, 1.2, A2DP1.3, AVRCP1.6, SPP1.2andPBAP1.2, BDR/BLE

 Bluetooth operating frequency (ANC noise reduction): 20HZ-20KHZ (noise reduction -25DB to -30DB)

 Long press for 2 seconds,  ANC on/off

 Receiving sensitivity: 106DB

 Bluetooth effective distance ≤10 meters

 Speaker power 3mW

 Headphone RF power level 2

 Headphone amplifier type Built-in chip

 Audio playback mode: supports AAC

 Frequency response: 15~20000Hz

 Speaker unit: Φ06013mm 32Ω

 Microphone Goertek

 Built-in battery Lithium battery 3.75V 401012 40mah

 Music time about 3.5H (80% volume)

 Talk time about 3.5H (80% volume)

 Power input standard comes with charging compartment

 Charging time: about 1H

 Battery cycle life, the number of charge and discharge cycles ≥ 300 times

 Temperature/Humidity Range The product should be kept in a dry and ventilated room. Avoid contact with corrosive substances and keep away from fire. The product should be charged every 2 months during storage. Working: 0~40℃ Working humidity is less than 70% Storage humidity is less than 70%.

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